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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Meeting on Thursday, April 20th, is Extremely Important!

Thursday evening’s meeting is very important in that, among other things, the Nominating Committee will present its recommendations for Post Officers for the upcoming 2006-2007 year. The Nominating Committee is Jr.-Vice Commander Fred Gaines, Sgt.-at-Arms Howard Daniel and member Richard Ray. The meeting is Thursday, April 20.

The selections are important as we have all felt a certain “ground swell” of interest and enthusiasm during the past several months and the selection of our leaders must assure that that momentum will continue.

While the Nominating Committee will recommend Legionnaires for as many officer slots as possible, there will be a number of positions, including Committee Chairs and members, that will be open.

Offices up for election include: Commander, Senior Vice Commander, Junior Vice Commander (need 2 or 3), Finance Officer, Judge Advocate, and Service Officer. The new Commander will appoint Adjutant, Historian, Chaplain and Sergeant-at-Arms in accordance with our Constitution, Article V.

Chairmen are needed for the following Committees: Boys State, National Oratorical Contest, and Community Events. As the following Committees are chaired by various Post Officers, members are needed to fill these Committees: Budget, Membership, House and Entertainment, Legal/Audit, Finance, Publicity, VA Rehab, Americanism. Members will also be needed for: Post Home, Boys State, National Oratorical Contest and Community Events.

At the upcoming meeting, a list of the officer positions will be available for write-ins and the openings for the many Committees that need to be filled. You will have a wide choice for inserting your name for consideration. Elections will be held at the following meeting in May. Your input will be important on Thursday, April 20, and will greatly help the Post’s efforts to recognize our veterans, help the youth of North Cobb County and participate in community events. Your military service and leadership abilities are needed.

Will you serve? Again?


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